Cde Trevor Manuel vs Cde Jimmy Manyi

How "black" is "black enough"?

Jaco Strauss
3 March 2011 E-Mail this page to a friend

ANC cabinet spokesman, Jimmy Manyi, went on record as director-general of the Department of Labour to claim that we had an 'over-concentration of coloureds' in the Western Cape. Trevor Manuel, a cabinet minister in the same Government critisized Manyi in an open letter. This is my take on their little tiff...
'In response to Trevor Manuel's open letter'
...they are two peas in the same pod...

I find the current little tussle between Clever Trevor and Jingo Jimmy very interesting. Not so much for the amateur theatre it provides, but rather because of the inherent irony of it all.

An irony seemingly lost on these two protagonists who do not even realize that they are two peas in the same pod. Not that they represent two sides of the same coin, no, they are the same side of the same coin! Amazingly enough, a lot of good people reckon Trevor wrote a fine letter in rebuking Manyi’s gaffe, but I beg to differ.

...a collectivist cut from the same cloth as ... Verwoerd
Trevor first showers praise on the so-called 'Black' Management Forum before espousing his own credentials for “blackness” by going all the way to his roots in the Black Consciousness Movement. Here after, he not only tries to define “blackness” and “designated groups”, but also adjudicate who should be deemed “black enough” to be racially classified as “designated.”

What Trevor is missing in all of this is that he is a collectivist cut from the same cloth as his comrade Jimmy, or for that matter the same Verwoerd he compared Jimmy too. The fact that the one now dislikes the other’s interpretation of groupthink, doesn’t alter the fact that their entire party is made up of group obsessed collectivists.

In bringing their semantic differences to the fore, these two now appear hell-bent on sinking the other side of the same boat. And as that boat of theirs represents a derelict anachronism into which their ideologically bankrupt party has been press ganging all of us for decades, the sooner they scuttle it, the better!

A luta continua

Jaco Strauss

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