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Sept 1998 - Heathrow, London Jan 2002 - Mossel Bay, Western Cape Jul 2010 - Accra, Ghana

I created this website as a Geocities site 3 September 2001 during the ludicrous racist UN conference in Durban, South Africa that really got me worked up. The events that took place in New York barely a week later provided enough material to get the site off to a flying start

22 January 2002 I decided to register my own domain and moved the site to this address. During February 2011 I also registered and point it here when I moved to a new service provider.

Early years

I was born in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa.

After matriculating at Strand High School, I took a Bachelor's of Commerce (B Comm) degree at Stellenbosch University where I resided in Dagbreek residence.


During my varsity years I was also quite active in student politics and as a libertarian found myself supportive of the economic theories of the Chicago School. As such, I joined radical free market student organisations, vehemently opposing all forms of socialism, whether Ethnic Socialism enforced by the apartheid regime, or any other form thereof as ascribed to by their political opponents.

After University I did my national service in the SA Navy where I served as Intelligence Officer at the Naval College in Gordon's Bay. I served as a commissioned officer with the rank of Ensign.

The completion of military service saw me taking up employment in the corporate world at a major life insurer. Here, I worked for more than 5 years, during which time I became a fellow of ILPA (now FPI).

I still remained active in politics during this period, culminating in a seat on the Strand (subsequently amalgamated in the Greater Cape Town Metropolitan area) town council where I served as Chairman of the Executive Council.

In the council elections of 1996 I lost my seat to the (then) National Party in one of their strongholds.

This change of fortune afforded me the ideal opportunity to take a break overseas. I went to London where I studied computer programming at Westminster College of Computing during 1997 and 1998, living in Boston Manor, Ealing, W7.

Professional life

After my return at the end of 1998 I was employed by a major SA IT company. At first I worked mostly in Visual Basic and SQL, integrating our workflow solution to clients' applications. I later took an ETL position at a company specialising in business intelligence solutions. In this capacity I have completed projects in markets as diverse as Australia and Ghana.

After hours

In my free time I enjoy following Formula 1, doing genealogical research, reading non-fiction, studying history, playing Bridge, Backgammon, AD&D and Poker as well as discussing current affairs with sensible people (preferably over a good bottle of red wine or a fine Islay malt) ...

Where I was born Stellenbosch
Where I grew up Strand (and surrounding area)
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