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Jaco Strauss 1 Jan 2002

The Basic Philosophy:
The aim of this site is to further the defining belief of all Libertarians:
"that everyone should be free to do as they choose, so long as they don't infringe upon the equal freedom of others"

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    To BEE or not to BEE?

    This was the question posed by Zapiro recently. My take?

    The alternative to Buddy Enrichment through Extortion (BEE) is quite simply no race based favouritism. Treat all as human beings. No discrimination on grounds of religion, colour or creed. Sounds familiar? Many moons ago that also used to be the mantra of the racists currently holding power in South Africa. That was of course before they became similar to what George Orwell found difficult to distinguish in the final scene of Animal Farm; the new elite from the old... No wonder so many old Nats found a happy home in the ANC.

    Once a collectivist, always a collectivist!

    Zuma is continuing SA's support of Mbeki's buddy Mad Bob Mugabe, providing not only the fiddle but the fuel and matches too while Rome burns. He should shot learn from events in Egypt and stop the liquidation of a neighbouring state. What a fantastic exmple the Egyptians has set...
    South Africa's involvement in the Zimbabwean crisis has been nothing short of disastrous. People used to go to Rhodesia to see the Zimbabwean ruins.... it might be too late to visit Zimbabwe in time to still see some Rhodesian ruins!

    South Africa doesn't have capital punishment any more. Well at least not for criminals. If you are a law abiding citizen, you face the death sentence daily.
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    Zimbabwean Catastrophe

    "Thomas Jefferson said it was better to have newspapers without government. He was very, very wrong. It is far better to have government without newspapers"

    - Zimbabwean Information Minister Jonathan Moyo told CNN television
    Harare, 1 Feb 2002.

    Africa as a continent has suffered a great deal, not always due to external influence. Its history is one marred by civil war, oppressive regimes, dictatorships and stone age despots. Its colonial past subjected its people and destroyed their dignity. This lead to an inferiority complex which unfortunately manifests itself in so many of the actions of its leaders to this day.

    Read more about the politics of Africa

    World Affairs

    "People don't seem to realize that it takes time and effort and preparation to think. Statesmen are far too busy making speeches to think."

    - Bertrand Russell

    The world changed on the 11th of September 2001. Before that terrorism normally paid off. In countries like South Africa and Ireland terrorising the populace was regarded as a legitimate way of furthering your political cause. The end used to justify the means...

    Read more about this and other issues

    Western hypocrisy and double standards

    "If you don't think confiscation of property for social remedies is occurring on a grand scale right here and right now, and that the productive are being sacrificed for the idle mob for the safety of the ruling class you may just as well go back to your sitcoms and beer."

    - Old Yeller, Posted at
    16 Feb 2002

    The politically correct lobby seems bent on creating an Orwellian "paradise". Due to the complete absence of reason and philosophical consistency, it is unbelievable that this naked emperor is hailed throughout the Western world.

    Read more about this...

    Philosophy & Ideology

    When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When government fears the people, there is liberty.

    - Thomas Paine

    I believe in the principles of Classic Liberalism, Libertarianism and Objectivism. This page carries articles dealing with their practical implementation in the worlds of politics and economics.

    Sensible Leisure Activities

    I don't see any seriousness in that (Jacques Villeneuve joining Ferrari) honestly. I think we want to improve our situation...?

    - Michael Schumacher
    Hockenheim, 31 July 2003

    I enjoy bridge and Formula 1, amongst other things. You will find some material on that, a dose of great humour and some of my favourite computer games here...


    Wij willen onze taal, omdat wij onze eer willen;
    wij zoeken onze taal te handhaven omdat wij onze rechten willen gehandhaafd zien;
    wij willen onze taal ge-eerbiedigd hebben, opdat onze volk zal ge-eerbiedigd zijn.

    - Genl. J.B.M. Hertzog
    20 Mei 1911

    Hierdie seksie van die webwerf word uitsluitlik aan Afrikaanse materiaal gewy. Dit wissel van aktuele briewe aan die Afrikaanse pers tot 'n opsomming van die Sanlam klub brugstelsel.

    Gaan maak gerus 'n draai...


    Democracy is three wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner....
    This is the place with stuff of general interest, not fitting any of the categories above.

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